Goju Ryu Okinawa Karate Doh Jundokan South Africa  

Adult & Youth Training

Adult & Youth (16yrs and above Training Schedule

Tuesday & Thursday evenings from 17h45 to 20h00

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The life benefits of Karate-Doh, lay both at the physical and mental level. Increasing agility and strength, as well as improving the reflexes, co-ordination and concentration, are just a few advantages of consistently practicing Karate-Doh.

During the training, both the upper and lower bodies are involved, which means that most muscle groups are utilized. The physical aspect of this training gives one an awareness of the body and health. At the mental level, the training improves ones ability to concentrate and act under pressure. As the mind directs the body at all times, one has to focus attention on one's action.

Karate-Doh is not only about learning how to fight somebody else in self-defence, but instead, it should be a battle against your own disabilities and inhibitions, therefore helping you become better physically, mentally and spiritually.  Improving in the art and achieving higher grades, gives one a balanced sense of accomplishment and greater confidence in oneself. By setting goals and practicing continuously, one acquires a sense of building for the future, and, realize that hard work and effort are necessary for achieving one's dreams. Modern life deprives us of exercise necessary for physical and mental health. Karate-Doh can bridge that gap.

For further information regarding our training for Adults, kindly contact us on :

Cell : 083 569 1213  or  Email : buddy@eastcoast.co.za