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                       Miyazato Ei'ichi Hanshi             

                 (05 July 1922 - 10 December 1999)

MIYAZATO EI'ICHI SENSEI was born on the  5 July 1922 and started training under Miyagi Chojun O'Sensei at the age of 13 years old in 1935.  Miyazato O'Sensei trained under and assisted Miyagi O'Sensei's right up until his death in 1953. After Miyagi Chojun O'Sensei had passed away, Miyazato Sensei was requested by the fellow seniors and family of Miyagi O'Sensei to take over the teaching duties at the outside, garden dojo Miyagi family house. In 1957, he opened his own dojo called " THE JUNDOKAN".  Miyazato O'Sensei also took over the self-defence classes at the police school.  Apart from Karate-Doh, Miyazato O'Sensei was also a senior graded judoka under Shoko Itokazu Sensei.  He achieved Champion status in the All Okinawa Judo Championship and the All Japan Police Judo Championships.  He was also the Chairman of the All-Okinawa Karate-doh Federation, the Okinawa Goju Ryu Karate-doh Association and The World Jundokan Association. Many top Goju Ryu Karate-ka's in the world today have come through Miyazato Hanshi and the Jundokan.

Jundokan means "Place for the study of the founders way", and is dedicated to the continued teaching of Miyagi Sensei's Goju Ryu Karate-doh. It is a three storey building that includes his home on the top floor and a dojo on the ground floor. It is situated in the Asato district of Naha (about 50 metres to the right at the upper end of Kokusai Dori - on the road to Shuri). It is a full time dojo with senior karate-ka always present on the floor at any time. The training is not militaristic and Seniors are always on hand to offer constructive advice and/ or correction. Miyazato SMiyagi Sensei and Miyazato Sensei performing Bunkaiensei was very active in daily teaching at the Jundokan and was graded 10th dan Hanshi. He was a very gentle man, and did not talk too much. However, his actions were sufficient in transferring his knowledge onto you. He was a good example of Goju, soft on the outside, yet hard on the inside. Like many Okinawan Sensei, he did not demand respect from you, however your respect towards Miyazato Sensei come naturally. Everyday, I trained at the Jundokan, Miyazato O'Sensei would be on the floor offering advice and correction. I was fortunate to be corrected and taught all the Goju Ryu kata from Gekisai Dai Ichi up to Suparinpei, Sanchin dai ichi and ni and Tensho directly from Miyazato Ei'ichi O'Sensei.  His attention to detail and attitude was immaculate, although he did not pay much attention to bunkai (application).  He was a hands-on teacher and to this day whenever I practice kata Tensho I can still feel his hands making corrections on me, and, hear his words of advice. He was truly a worthy torch bearer of his teacher, Miyagi Chojun Sensei.  

Sadly, after a period of ill-health Miyazato Ei'ichi O'Sensei passed away on the 10 December 1999.  Miyazato O'Sensei's Jundokan was built on relationships and friendship, and, after Miyazato O'Sensei death there was no power struggle by any senior to take control nor was there any break-away to form alternative associations.