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Kihon Sanchin Kata

       The Benefits of Sanchin Training  Part 2

Breath is life! The first thing that we do when wYasuda sensei's sanchin katae are born is breath, and the last thing we do before we depart from this world  is breath. Our vital organs depends on life giving oxygen and Sanchin training increases this oxygen supply. This helps our brain and nervous system to become sharp and more aware, thus improving ones concentration and kimé. The deep breathing pours fresh oxygen on our vital organs which will ultimately stimulate them and keep them in a healthy state. Miyazato Ei'ichi Sensei would often tell me how refreshing Sanchin training is to the body. This is so true as it gives one a feeling of physical and mental well-being. I would always look for various location to practice Sanchin kata. These locations sometimes provide challenges and sometimes a perfect compliment to the kata. Let me explain... Waterfalls are ideal to practice Sanchin kata. When I was a little boy (11 years old) my sensei showed me a photograph of the now, late Gogen Yamaguchi Hanshi practicing Sanchin kata under ice cold waterfalls. This one photograph inspired me to try this out, and, as there are not many waterfalls in Southern Africa that one could stand under without being crushed to death, I had to wait for about 13 years to come across the ideal fall. A gorge that had a fall of about 50 metres and a steady, safe drop of water. I climbed up the rocks and steadied myself. Once my footing had been established, I starting Sanchin kata. This was like nothing I had ever experienced before. Although the water was not as cold as Yamaguchi Hanshi experience, it was a great challenge and a wonderful experience. When I was completed, not only did I realise a dream but I also felt like all my Goju Ryu training so far was well worth it and that this (Goju Ryu Karate-Doh) was what I was going to do for the rest of my life! In South Africa, we are also blessed with a magnificent coast line and wonderful safe beaches. My home and dojo is about 3 kilometers from one of the world's best beach, 'dairy beach' - home of the Gunstone 500 World Surfing Championships. The practice of sanchin kata in the water and on the sand is also a good form of training. The water provides enough resistance for you to concentrate on your Sanchin dachi (stance). This is not so easy, however, with consistent Sanchin training you will be able to concentrate all your power in the tanden and perform solid Sanchin kata even against the odds.

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